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Just so we're all clear whats really going on here, this community is devoted to the Simon/River pairing from Joss Whedon's television series Firefly and motion picture Serenity.

This community is a safe place for everyone who recognizes and enjoys this pairing in one manner or another. Feel free to discuss and post fanfic, icons, wallpapers, soundtracks, meta, vids, etc. This is a centre for anything and everything CSI.

This community is not here to glorify/approve of/encourage incest, rather it is an attempt to expand on and explore an aspect of the relationship between two fictional characters that we feel has basis in canon. If this isn't your cup of tea, please leave the pot for the rest of us. Have the maturity to recognize your own limits and act accordingly.

Our beau-ti-ful header image, layout, and icon were made/coded by the ever tallented and wonderful cassiee. The baner you see at the top of this page was made my the similarily tallented and wonderful paperdollgirl. Love them!

Here at light_it, we like ever so much to pimp out our friends and people with common interests, soooo...

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Having said all that, ENJOY!

And don't forget kiddies...

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Crazy Space Incest Is Love

Crazy Space Incest is awesomely twisted love.