Nicky (obsessive24) wrote in light_it,

fic recs please?

I was wondering if anyone could give me some recs for really really good Simon/River fics. There are lots of good CSI fics out there, but I'm interested in knowing what you would consider absolute must-reads for this 'ship.

The reason behind the request is I'm currently making a vid that's going to be expressly CSI (instead of implied CSI, as is my wont) and I'm feeling a bit unhinged on exactly how this relationship works. I mean, beyond the basic formulation of "this is very wrong yet very right". I would love to read some fics that delve deeply into the nature of this relationship if/when it turns incestuous, especially from Simon's POV. The darker/sexier the better. Please take a moment and rec your favourite fic, I'll be eternally grateful. :) :)
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